Where did Journi come from?

Journi was born from a desire to improve the care and health outcomes of consumers accessing the Murrumbidgee Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Integration Project (MHDA). It aims to connect consumers and their carers to allow better communication and care with MHDA providers in the Murrumbidgee.

This project was started in response to feedback that the service system was difficult to navigate. It aims to reduce the complexity and fragmented nature of care provided and bring people together to make the system work more efficiently.

Current Challenges

What do consumers currently find challenging?

A lack of control over their treatment plan.

Having to repeat their story to different service providers and different agencies.

Having to keep track of multiple care plans with different providers.

Losing track of which care plan goes with which provider and which steps they should be taking.

What do carers currently find challenging?

Knowing which agency is providing which kind of care to consumers.

Having to keep track of different care plans with different providers.

The complicated technical  language in existing care plans.

What do service providers currently find challenging?

The absence of one consistent care plan used across agencies to best care for consumers. This makes it difficult to identify goals and put steady strategies in place to help consumers stay well.

A difficulty in changing currently available care plans to reflect the individual nature and changing needs of each consumer.

Journi is being developed and validated in collaboration with stakeholders

We involve with key stakeholders, including consumers, carers, service providers and our clients at every single stage to make sure all the needs and requirements are met.

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