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Journi is a new kind of integrated remote care platform funded by the NSW Government Department of Health.



In this time of physical separation from friends and family as we try to #stopthespread of COVID-19, it is especially important to stay connected. Journi allows people to receive support from carers and service providers to keep them on track, even whilst physically isolated. 

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Track, Share, and Be in Control

On Journi, consumers are in control of their goals, activities and wellness plan. They are also in control of their network and how they share their information.

Goals and Mood Tracking

Clinical and Social Support

Controlled Sharing of Information

Remote Care

Meet Frankie and Frankie’s mates

Image of the relationship between consumer, carer and service provider

Journi has been developed to help consumers stay in control of their physical and mental wellbeing, and to stay connected to the people who care about them. This is especially important for people who live alone. During this time of physical distancing, it is more important than ever to connect to a support network. That’s where Journi can help.


A consumer is a person  who wants to take control of their own wellbeing to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This includes people who are struggling with a range of mental health or substance abuse issues.

With Journi, consumers and their network of friends, family and service providers can become better informed about health and care options. They can be engaged in decisions about  their care and recovery, and receive guidance and support from carers and service providers anywhere, anytime.

A carer is anyone who provides support and assistance to a consumer. They might be friends, family, or anyone a consumer chooses to trust with information about their wellbeing.

With Journi, carers can access important information about how people they care about are going, such as their goals,  recovery plan, and  achievements. They can help  with recommendations, when given permission by the consumer.

A service provider is any organisation involved in the provision of professional services that enhance your physical and mental wellbeing. 

With Journi, service providers can remotely monitor information about consumer’s health and treatment history to provide better care and new treatment opportunities anytime, anywhere.

is not only a platform, but it also tells a story of Australia heritage

Journi provides three unique user interfaces corresponding to the different user types. Each user type is represented by a character that matches the user’s objectives as seen in stories of the Indigenous people of Australia.

for Consumers

Why THE echidna?

In most Indigenous stories of the Echidna, it is a survivor, no matter the odds. Its spiky exterior keeps the important soft organs safe from predators. It reminds us that things like our home, our feelings and our relationships are important and need to be protected and looked after.


The word ‘Jiemba’ means ‘laughing star’ in the Wiradjuri language of central NSW. This is the heartland of the Jiemba project and the name honours the traditional people of the area.

for Carers

Why tHE koala?

In the stories of the Bidgara people of Central Queensland, the koala is a source of wisdom and renewal. The koala brought lush green forest to a desert landscape. In the same way, carers are a good source of advice and help to bring out the best in people.


The word ‘Kirra’ means ‘leaf’ in the language of the Yugambeh Mibin people of southern Queensland. This follows on from the story of the Koala who brought new green growth where before there was only desert.

for Service Providers

Why tHE emu?

The emu is an important symbol to many Indigenous people across the eastern part of Australia. The position of the Emu in the Sky gives the local people lots of information about what food is available, and when there is water. Like the emu, service provides can give us the best information to keep us healthy.

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